Yousra A. Mohamoud, PhD

Credentials: PhD in Epidemiology

Position title: Epidemiologist


A young woman wearing a hijab and glasses smiles toward the camera; her arms are crossed in front of her.

Yousra’s research is centered on understanding the contributors to disparities in adverse birth outcomes, particularly infant mortality, both within the United States and between the United States and other developed countries. Her dissertation work is focused on estimating the impact of contextual drivers on infant mortality for babies born at term. More generally, she is passionate about epidemiologic methods and is always excited to learn new analytical methods to apply to her research which often means borrowing from other fields including: social science, demography and economics. Yousra holds a Master’s of Science degree in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University of Public Health. She also has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Microbiology with minors in Public & Community Health from the University of Maryland-College Park.

Yousra is currently an Epidemiologist with the Perinatal and Infant Health Team/Maternal and Infant Health Branch at Department of Reproductive Health at the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention.